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Brand Champions to the Blog Rescue

Blogs. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again…never underestimate the power of a company blog. But blogs are a battleground you don’t tread lightly onto; consumers and potential customers tend to place their trust in blogs, more so than just your marketing materials

Taking Control of Your Content Development

As marketers, we’re very familiar with the growing popularity (and necessity) of content marketing—positioning your company as a thought leader and sharing content of value with your audiences.

Strong Writing Still Has a Place at the Table

As a copywriter, I’m always focused on the story. Whether it’s a simple promotion, a sprawling website or an in-depth brochure, I believe messaging is more compelling when it’s rooted in an authentic story.

Eight Questions to Ask When Developing Your Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is more than just drafting a whitepaper or posting occasionally on a blog. Instead, there should be a cohesive strategy around how content can support and strengthen your marketing communications efforts.

The Role of Content Marketing in Lead Generation

Content — specifically the quality and promotion of it — plays a critical role in any online lead generation initiative. If executed correctly, content can position your organization as a thought leader, build predisposition and drive quality leads. So why isn’t every company committed to content marketing? Because it’s hard, as a recent survey of B2B marketers published on Marketing Profs by Ayaz Nanji points out.

Stop the Content Carousel and Let Me Off!!!!

I’ve had it! I typically get 150 or more emails each day from people who are dying to share their news with me. And, despite my best intentions for reading everything, quite often I find myself doing what I’m sure many of you do: I hit delete.

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