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Making Website Copy Work for You

When you consider all the ways your website works for everyone (and everything) else, it’s also important to consider how your website works for you. Thoughtful, high-impact copy is the key to communicating your core message — and it’s at the heart of every effective website.

Copywriter Q&A

Here are some common missteps and challenges on the messaging front — as well as some takeaways about what’s most effective as you communicate about your brand in the marketplace.

Does Your Copy Offer a Way Out?

I’ve stumbled across some exceptional copywriting over the years — but I’ve also tripped over exponentially more atrocious copywriting along the way. As a writer, I’m constantly evaluating what I see out there as both a critic and a colleague. I’m always rooting for writers to hit home runs, but trust me — it hurts to see a poorly crafted message make its way into the public eye.

Ridding the World of Useless Jargon

  One of advertising’s greatest figures — and a professional hero of mine — once said that “our business is infested with idiots who try to impress by using pretentious jargon.” Mr. Ogilvy was right, and his words still ring true today. Why do we fall back on jargon? Are we insecure about our own […]

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