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My Impressions of Disney World’s Improved Foodservice Experience

Our family just returned from a bit of a “culinary adventure” at Disney World. Does that statement surprise you? For most visitors, Disney World has not (traditionally) been a “foodie” experience. Turkey legs, burgers, and chicken fingers were standard fare. But things have changed rather dramatically in the past couple of decades.

A Lost Balloon and the Art of Brand Immersion

Picture the scene: A little girl dressed in a Sleeping Beauty costume emerges from dinner at Cinderella’s castle and skips across the streets of the Magic Kingdom clutching her prized princess balloon. Happiness incarnate! Then, just as quickly, as she is changing out of her dress-up glass slippers, the unthinkable happens: She loses her grip […]

5 ways to create an immersive brand (part 2)

Last week I discussed points 1 and 2 of how Disney creates an immersive brand and makes billions doing so. I talked about the People and the Environment, based on a recent trip to Walt Disney World and a Disney cruise ship. Without further ado, I’m going to jump right into points 3, 4 and […]

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