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Cerebral Tips for Smarter Subject Lines

At this stage in the game, just about everyone understands how important email subject lines are. It’s a first impression, a 5-10 word plea to click. Every day, your audience’s attention is being stretched further, as to-do lists grow and email inboxes continually fill. That leaves your company’s humble email offering teetering precariously, one delete button click away from never being read.

Email Marketing: Are You Hitting Your Target?

Email marketing is relatively cost-effective, straightforward and measurable, offering the potential for an extremely high return on your investment. However, all of that success hinges on your message’s ability to actually reach —and thus be heard — by your audience. Here are a few quick pointers to ensure your message reaches your target:

A brief rant about image-only emails

It happened again. You see, I keep my email images turned “off” (partially to thwart the leeches that send me spam and ensure that they’ll never know I’m a valid email address). But this time, I received a message from a brand I am enthusiastic about. The subject line piqued my interest. And I opened […]

Know thy audience before thou startest marketing to them

Recently I received 2 emails within 4 minutes of one another. Both illustrated vividly the marketing truth: Know thy audience. First — an email forwarded from my wife who is attending a national conference this week. She manages a store, and one of her suppliers will be attending the conference. That supplier sent her an […]

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