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How to Write Better Email Subject Lines (And What Not to Do)

While there’s no guarantee that any subject line will work every time, here are some writing rules that can vastly improve your odds of getting those emails opened.

How to write an effective B2B e-blast in 30 seconds

Wondering if that e-blast you’re about to hit “send” on is likely to tickle your prospects’ fancy? Check these tips to see if you’re in line with some industry best practices for effective B2B e-blasts.

Cerebral Tips for Smarter Subject Lines

At this stage in the game, just about everyone understands how important email subject lines are. It’s a first impression, a 5-10 word plea to click. Every day, your audience’s attention is being stretched further, as to-do lists grow and email inboxes continually fill. That leaves your company’s humble email offering teetering precariously, one delete button click away from never being read.

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