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Aftermarket support and 3 other roles a parts distributor can serve for B2B manufacturers

Working with manufacturers, service agents and end users, parts distributors are an integral “go between” and provide insight among various channel members and end users. We’ve outlined four primary roles parts distributors can play and how they benefit B2B manufacturers.

7 Ways to Annoy a Foodservice Consultant

We spoke with James Camacho about what manufacturers can do to get on a consultant’s radar — and stay there. Here are seven mistakes Camacho says manufacturers make when trying to get their equipment specified.

Innovation, trends & technology | NAFEM through the eyes of James Camacho

Leading foodservice consultant James Camacho, FCSI, CSI, talks about what impressed him at this year’s NAFEM Show, what it says about the foodservice industry and what it’ll mean for his clients.

Top 2015 Foodservice Trends

Flexibility is key. Joe Carbonara, Editor in Chief of Foodservice Equipment & Supplies, continuously stressed this in his presentation at the NRA Show in Chicago back in May of this year. I attended his educational session on “The Impact of Today’s Foodservice Trends on Foodservice Equipment, Design and More” and the big idea was that in order to keep up with today’s trends, it is critical for the foodservice industry to be flexible in order to stay relevant and meet customer demands.

When Tour Buses Attack: The Importance of Reliable Equipment

Picture this. You see three tour buses parking beside your favorite diner as you’re pulling into the lot. What’s your first thought? Well, if you’re hungry, it’s probably something like, “Time to go somewhere else…” The expectation of long waits, poor service and downright madness is enough to make you cut your losses and find a backup.

When Foodservice Equipment (Literally) Delivers

Have you ever tried chicken feet? Me neither. But I could have. And maybe I should have. It was a moment for being adventurous. On a recent trip to Brooklyn, our group met in Chinatown for authentic Cantonese dim sum. To say I felt out of place would be an understatement. Let’s just say that in a packed dining hall of a few hundred people, I was the only Irish guy.

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