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Three Marketing Ds That Will Set You Apart | Part 3: Data

Due to an incredible number of technology advancements, marketers can now utilize data like never before to significantly enhance marketing efforts. Data is nearly ubiquitous in business but is particularly poised to support marketers across three stages of customer engagement.

Three Marketing Ds That Will Set You Apart | Part 1: Disruption

What can foodservice marketers do to separate themselves from the competition and become even more relevant to customers? Try the “Three Marketing Ds”: disruption, data and digital.

Change on the menu at Insight2Impact Foodservice Marketing Summit

Change, from audiences to priorities to the industry altogether, and how best to handle it dominated at VantagePoint’s first ever Insight2Impact Foodservice Marketing Summit.

VantagePoint brings food industry leaders to downtown Greenville

On the heels of Greenville’s continued recognition as a destination city, food industry leaders converged on Greenville for a conference on foodservice marketing organized and presented by VantagePoint Marketing.

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