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It’s All in the List: 5 Tips for Securing a Good Distribution List

When it’s time to create and launch an integrated campaign, it’s easy to focus on the more exciting or complex elements: the concepts, the schedule, the offer, the tracking and metrics.

But without a solid list of relevant decision-makers, it doesn’t matter how creative the campaign concept is or how great of an offer you’re presenting—no one will bite.

Starting Your Game Plan for 2013

It’s almost September – one of the happiest times of the year for me as a football fan – the start of the new season. It’s also the time of year when most companies begin the goal setting and budgeting process for next year. Both of these areas require motivation, attention to detail and the […]

Why marketing is like brain surgery

A friend of ours — let’s call him Bill — heads to the brain surgeon for a bit of intra-cranial work. The surgeon prods, probes, does scans, completes research, and comes back to Bill with a recommendation for how to best proceed: brain surgery next Monday morning. And Bill’s response? “Well, I see your point, […]

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