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One Small Step for a Fast Food Chain . . .

Kudos to Taco Bell for their bold decision to eliminate kids’ meals from their menu. In the USA Today article below, you’ll see that the reasoning behind this decision is that kids’ meals are “. . . inconsistent for an edgy, twentysomething brand.” I personally wouldn’t have limited Taco Bell’s appeal to twentysomethings, but if […]

Branding: Where the Old West Meets Madison Avenue

The term “branding” now means the process of identifying and establishing a company’s persona, but back in the day, it meant applying a red-hot iron to a cow’s backside. The concept is really the same: ranchers branded cattle so people could immediately recognize whom they belonged to; companies brand themselves for pretty much the same […]

A valuable marketing lesson from my lunch

So I decided to go to McDonalds for lunch. I only go a couple of times a month, but I had a coupon for their new 1/3-pound angus burger. And I’d seen an ad on TV. And an ad in the newspaper. Yes, the Mickey-D’s marketing machine was working on me – until it crashed […]

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