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5 B2B Product Launch Ideas That Actually Work

Every product is unique, but perhaps these B2B product launch ideas we’ve recommended for our clients’ new products can spark inspiration for yours.

Bo time. All the time.

Companies ‘go public’ for one main reason – to raise capital. Which leads us to believe that Bojangles’ – which raised nearly $150 million back in May through their initial public offering – has something big up their sleeves. Something like significant expansion in and beyond their current market.

A Crystal Clear Strategy?

I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve always missed Crystal Pepsi. It’s one of those peculiar 90s relics that left us way too soon — relegated to the ash heap of history along with Pog, Tamagotchi and 56K modems. (Come on, who didn’t love the dial-up noise?)

But my product is so COOL!

Have you ever thought about why customers buy your product? Is it because of your brand name or the product features and benefits, or maybe the persuasive copy written in the catalog? Or is it price?

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