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Trade Show Leads Follow Up

Post-show follow up falls by the wayside far too often, but it’s a vital part of trade show success. Here are some easy and quick ideas for following up with show leads.

Is Social Media Right for Me?

Social media isn’t the right fit for every company. But all too often, companies give in to the temptation to engage in social media simply because everyone else is doing it. For companies and B2B marketers, social media should be viewed as a sales tool — a lead gen mechanism — that can help build […]

Host with the Most

I recently attended a distributor conference, hosted by one of my manufacturing clients. This client sells their products through their own sales team, but also relies heavily on a solid network of distributors. For the conference, they brought in a handful of their valued distributors to educate them on products, talk sales technique and solicit […]

How to Unstick a Stuck Channel

I grew up in a neighborhood where kickball ruled. One day a bunch of us boys were playing when suddenly the ball bounced down a drainage ditch. Within seconds it got jammed halfway inside a long, skinny concrete pipe under Mr. Stewart’s driveway. We tried to pry the ball out with long sticks and rocks […]

Intercept B-to-B Prospects on Their Own Turf

I’m not a football player, and I don’t fully understand the rules. If a penalty flag flies on a play, I usually have to wait for the ref to explain it. I’m clueless about the finer points of blocking and tackling, and I certainly can’t predict which team is likely to win a tight match.

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