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VantagePoint’s 2016 Super Bowl Commercial Review

Every 2016 Super Bowl commercial, reviewed in 3 sentences or less — here’s what we think of the 2016 offerings.

Taco Bell vs. McDonald’s, “1984” style

It’s no secret that Taco Bell has been gunning for McDonald’s for a number of years, most recently in the breakfast arena. (Last year’s marketing featuring guys named Ronald McDonald got nearly as much free publicity as it did paid media.) Well, Taco Bell is at it again, this time emulating another underdog trying to dethrone the reigning champ.

What Foodservice Chains Are Doing to Reach New QSR Customers

“In an age when consumers’ choices have never been broader, it’s critical to stand out among the sea of other brands and offerings,” begins a news article I read yesterday. No surprise, right? But it’s a reminder that the obvious isn’t always really obvious. And the article, in QSR magazine about foodservice chains’ efforts to reach a new generation of consumers, gives some interesting insight into what strategy these restaurants are using.

One Small Step for a Fast Food Chain . . .

Kudos to Taco Bell for their bold decision to eliminate kids’ meals from their menu. In the USA Today article below, you’ll see that the reasoning behind this decision is that kids’ meals are “. . . inconsistent for an edgy, twentysomething brand.” I personally wouldn’t have limited Taco Bell’s appeal to twentysomethings, but if […]

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