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You know what they say about assuming… | 3 tips to avoid losing customers

Assuming your customers understand the whys and wherefores of your product can be damaging in B2B, with its complex buying cycles and complicated purchasing decisions. Take a step back, and consider these three steps to becoming assumption-proof.

8 Social Media Tips from a 2-Year-Old

If you’re trying to better your social media skills, there’s no reason to run out and buy a “Social Media for Dummies”-style book or pay to attend evening classes. Instead, turn to some of life’s most basic lessons, the ones I find myself repeating to my 2-year-old day in and day out.

Coming Out Ahead in a Buyers’ Market: 5 Basic B2B Reminders

My husband and I recently decided to list our house and begin looking for something new. This will be our first time on the sellers’ side of the deal, so we’re in the crux of determining how to come out on top in a buyers’ market. So, in the midst of repairs, staging and number-crunching, […]

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