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Technology changes; humans don't.

I just finished reading a biography of Martha Washington and my main take-away—besides how breathtaking Martha thought George looked on a horse–was how little things have changed in almost 200+ years. Oh, technology has, for sure, but our basic tenets and expectations? Not so much.

Back then, people wanted their business transactions to be simple and fair. They wanted products to be reliable, make life easier, and be readily accessible. Here in the 21st century, we want the same. As a B2B agency, we’re all about finding companies with quality products that will make people’s lives easier; we love telling the world about those products and knowing that bringing the right people together with the right products can make a difference in everything from growing a small company into a big one to helping our planet be a safer, more enjoyable place to live.

Who knows what our world will be like in another 200 years? We might be beaming our way to trade shows on the moon and launching ad campaigns through mind-melds. But I’m betting that, no matter how hi-tech things get, a well-made product that gets the job done will always be the most direct path to a happy customer.


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