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The Light Snob Retires


Why am I the only one smiling?

In the spirit of the holiday season, I’m going in a different direction for this blog post. Every year, as Christmas approaches, I find myself running crazy trying to wrap every gift, bake every cookie and Instagram every memory. (It doesn’t count as a memory if you haven’t Instagrammed it, right?)

The reality is that the holidays are crazy. They’re stressful, overwhelming, and if you throw a sick child in the mix, they’re downright miserable. This year, though, I made a conscious decision to embrace the crazy. All of the crazy.

I don’t have a gift box big enough for that giant bag cooler for dad. And I don’t care. Take that, holidays.

Flour and sugar have coated my entire kitchen floor (and my person), but my little boy had a blast cutting out the gingerbread men. Big win.

I’ve taken virtually NO photos of my children in front of the tree, on Santa’s lap (unless you count the one above where ONLY I am smiling) or even in their Christmastime ‘church clothes.’ But it all happened. I swear.

What I have done is enjoy the season.

I embraced the fact that things are busy and crazy and expensive and loud and crowded. I ‘let’ my husband decorate our house with every tacky Christmas light Lowe’s has to offer. (I’m usually a light snob. White only. No blinking. No exceptions.) I agreed to do steak and potatoes for Christmas dinner. And I’m pumped about it.

This week of Christmas, I encourage everyone to embrace the crazy. Be present with your loved ones. Be aware of the gifts in your life. And enjoy the moments that come only once a year.

From all of us here at VantagePoint Marketing, we wish you and yours a very happy holiday season.

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