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What can social media do for me? (Part I)

TwitterTwitter. Facebook. LinkedIn. They are all tools in the ever-growing world of social media, but how do these internet-based services play out in BtoB? I’d like to take some time over the next few posts to demystify what they really do and share some helpful tips on how they can impact your business.


Call it silly, but with 140 characters or less, you can accomplish great things. Think of Twitter as the invitation to the party. It’s a way to entice your audience to greater things, such as your website, blog, a video, a news release, and the list goes on. I often get this question from our clients, “I understand the importance of Twitter, but what do we tweet about?” Well, the short answer is: a lot of stuff! Below are a few examples to help get the social media juices flowing:

Ways to use Twitter

  • Give a teaser to a big product or service that will be released.
  • Link to a new brochure, video, blog post, presentation, etc.
  • Find articles online that would be interesting and relevant to your audience.
  • Announce the new executive that has joined the team.
  • Link to an online survey, game or other interactive tool.
  • Announce any upcoming trade shows or events.
  • Share an interesting fact about your company or the industry.
  • Retweet major news or interesting articles posted by related organizations, trade publications or leaders in the industry.

Use these ideas in addition to standard press release topics. In reality, Twitter is a social media tool, but it should also be seen as a source to spread your message. Don’t forget to tune in for the next post, which will cover Facebook!

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