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WWSJD: What Would Steve Jobs Do?

Steve Jobs had some ideas on what it takes to succeed in marketing, in business and in life. All technology allegiances aside, so do Bill Gates and Larry Page.

These guys earned billions by inventing the systems and processes that employ and entertain us. And for once, educational institutions don’t get to take all the credit. Jobs dropped out of Reed College and Gates dropped out of Harvard. On the other hand, Page earned a BS in computer engineering from the University of Michigan with honors – plus a Masters in computer science from Stanford.

Thanks to Larry Page, you can Google the words “what does it take to succeed” and discover the value of vision, courage, creativity, self-motivation, self-discipline and follow-through.

In addition to studying and mastering their crafts, it appears that Jobs, Gates and Page succeeded through qualities like boundless curiosity, a willingness to tackle problems that no one else could solve, an unwillingness to quit, a talent for great timing and valuable connections, and an incurable discontent with previous successes or failures.

For those of us in the marketing profession, Steve Jobs and company have clearly shown the way. Though we may not be developing the next techno-marvel, we’re doing something rather significant: helping our companies and our customers succeed.

If he were still here, I think Steve Jobs would tell us that our “best work to-date” is not the best we’re capable of. I think Steve Jobs would turn marketing challenges over and over until an incredible solution emerged. I think Steve Jobs would keep the company logo off of anything that didn’t rise to the level of excellence he expected.

Are we committed to marketing success? WWSJD?

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