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Zeroing in on the Zero Moment of Truth

Online research has changed the game in customer engagement. Customers now search and find out about you and your brand well before you try to set up the first appointment. In other words, the “First Moment of Truth” (your first opportunity to manage the customer encounter) has been trumped by the “Zero Moment of Truth” or ZMOT (essentially a digital marketing strategy).

I attended a recent presentation on this concept by Google and jotted down 5 Ps of Digital Marketing (Pulse, Pace, Precision, Participation, Performance). Here’s how to leverage the ZMOT:

  • Pulse – Be aware of search trends (Yahoo and Google both track searches on keywords). Adjust your online marketing language to be more relevant. (Example: more people search for “sustainability” now than “green”)
  • Pace – Be nimble. Flexibility and accelerated decision-making are now more important than strategy. Get in on the game quickly and provide value to customers.
  • Precision – Be relevant and useful. Try to create a “personal ZMOT for everyone.” Focus on optimizing the user experience for mobile (Google predicts that mobile internet usage will outpace desktop in 2013).
  • Participation – Give your brand a social life. Turn social users into brand advocates.
  • Performance – Measure real value. Drill your website for data and decision-making. Ask: Did my campaigns have impact?

To learn more, sign up for your personal eBook on Google’s Zero Moment of Truth … to be released soon: http://bit.ly/mNTpJS

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